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Take Care of Tough Messes on the Go with the Clean Jett Portable VacuumThe turbo-charge action of Clean Jett uses advanced vortex suction and HEPA filtration to pick up more dirt and debris in notoriously hard to reach places – totally wire free.Clean Jett Portable Vacuum is the number one choice when cleaning messes on the go. It’s built for portability, and small enough to fit in the glove box of your car. It’s made with refined vortex suction, and powerful enough to suck up debris from tight corners. It packs all of this power and it’s still quiet enough to clean without waking up the kids. That’s why over 32,000 and counting “clean freaks” love Clean Jett!

Cutting Edge Feature of Clean Jett Portable Vacuum

Screw off lid for easy dumping: Emptying Vacuum is quick, hygienic, and environmentally friendly. Simply dump the contents in the trash, and occasionally clean the container with regular soap & water for extra sanitationDeeper reaching clean: The included extensions along with high-powered vortex power allow you to wedge into tight corners and easily suck out hair, fur, crumbs, and other dirt & grime.Gravity balanced handle: Vacuum’s handle is engineered with gravity balance, so the weight of the vacuum is stable and comfortable to hold for prolonged periods of time.True HEPA filtration: The True HEPA Filter captures tiny dust particles and dander that regular vacuum cleaners circulate back into the air. It helps give your space a deeper, more sanitary clean.100% Wireless operation: No more fussing with messy wires, or even searching for an outlet. Vacuum is charged with a basic USB type-C, and it runs without any electricity.Extra strength vortex suction: The elite, high-powered vortex action in Vacuum draws out far away dirt and grime from hard to reach places.

What Makes Vacuum the #1 Choice for Cleaning?

Vacuum is your go-to solution for powerful, quick clean-up in the car, the home, and on the go. Messes from kids, pets, or everyday dirt build-up are gone in an instant, and your car and home stay effortlessly tidy and fresh.Clean JettStore it AnywhereClean Jett is small and compact enough to tuck inside your car door pocket or in the glove compartment, and it’s ready to go for a quick clean up at any time.Clean JettDust Destroying FilterThe HEPA filtration inside Clean Jett traps finer particles of dust for a deeper clean than ever before. You can clean the filter simply by rinsing with water.Clean JettPacked with Extra PowerThe powerful motor and vortex suction in Clean Jett reaches up to 3200Pa which can easily suck up dirt and debris from hard to reach corners, including caked on fur and hair.

Small Enough to Hold, but Powerful Enough to do the Hard Work

With our specially designed gravity balance system, Vacuum feels practically weightless in your hands. The 3200 pascal suction power is strong enough to pick up heavy debris like coins, crumbs, and tiny pieces of trash from farther away. It does all of this while still maintaining a quiet noise level around 80 decibels.Clean JettClean JettClean JettClean Jett


Customer reviews

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  1. Nylah H.

    Very fast delivery. The device works flawlessly and is very strong and effective.

  2. Rachel A.

    I received the goods quickly, the suction power is very strong, it is very convenient to use, and it will clean the fine dust of the car it is very good to be able.

    Clean Jett
  3. Noah T.

    Fantastic vacuum cleaner and excellent service. I have 5 stars here.

  4. Zachary J.

    It took a while, but the performance itself seems to be not bad!

  5. Parker M.

    The delivery is fast, the product suction is good, the price is too good, and it is too easy to use with one hand

    Clean Jett
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