The StretchyBar

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Why You Need The StretchyBarâ„¢

  • Headaches

Poor alignment is the leading cause of headaches due to the strain on the neck muscles.

  • Digestive Issues

Poor alignment can cause digestive issues by compressing your organs, slowing your digestion, and negatively impacting your metabolism.

  • “Text Neck”

Tilting your head downward to read your phone can be the equivalent of 60 lbs of pressure. Crazy, right?

  • Sleep

Poor alignment may negatively impact your sleep. When the muscular system is out of alignment, we have a hard time fully relaxing.

  • Mood

According to research, poor alignment is associated with low mood and even less motivation. To maintain focus and increase your success at work, use the StretchyBarâ„¢ for at least 15 minutes a day

  • Productivity

Good alignment increases productivity. Your body works best when you maintain good posture, which helps keep your chest open and your core supported.

  • Confidence

By pushing your shoulders back and lifting your head – you boost testosterone, which helps with confidence. Good alignment also lowers cortisol, which is associated with stress.

  • Overall Health

Poor alignment affects a whole host of your body’s normal functions. An article in The American Journal of Pain Management showed that posture can affect blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing, bowel functions, and even your hormonal system. This means that your posture could not only be giving you pain but could be having a detrimental effect on your overall health status.

The StretchyBarâ„¢

Stretch at Home or On The Go:

Easily take apart your StretchyBarâ„¢ and bring it with you anywhere you go. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation, the StretchyBarâ„¢ has your “back”.

The StretchyBarâ„¢

Made With High Quality Materials:

Made with 100% stainless steel & spongy foam outside grip.
Reinforced & hardened on the inside, soft and comfortable on the outside.
Strong & durable – built to last

The StretchyBarâ„¢

3 Simple Steps:

  • Step 1: Align the black lock with the middle hole & slot it on to the base
  • Step 2: Put another rod into the base & lay the middle hole downward from the black box.
  • Step 3: Push the upper cover into the slot & snap the button down.

The StretchyBarâ„¢


Sizing ranges from 54cm – 86cm making it suitable for kids & adults.


Customer reviews

Based on 20 reviews
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  1. Quinn D.

    Hubby and I felt the tension after the 1st use which to me means my posture is terrible lol. Will continue to use even at work to strengthen my back and correct my posture.

    The StretchyBar
  2. Tyler D.

    Got this for my brother who is always complaining about his back pain and he says its a life saver. He’s a bodybuilder so he uses it everyday before the gym and says it works wonders. Thank you!!

    The StretchyBar
  3. Rachel J.

    The most useful simulator for the house. The posture will be great. You can do it with a stick, but with a cross more effectively. Workmanship for 5 and the goods and the seller-I recommend.

    The StretchyBar
  4. Matthew J.

    The kit includes: instruction, a hook fastener, two sticks and a mount consisting of three parts. I hope it helps. Tried, voltage relieves well

    The StretchyBar
  5. Xavier Y

    It arrived in good condition. I definitely felt a good stretch and relaxed when I tried it out after a long day of working at my computer.

    The StretchyBar
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